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Home Watch Service

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Are you looking for a company to manage your home while you are away? Are you renting out a unit and need someone to check on the property for you? If so, Capital Cleaning & Concierge can help you by offering a variety of home watching services in Madison, WI and surrounding areas.

Let us manage your condominium or home residence when you are traveling on business, vacationing away from the area for the season, or when you have a tenant in a rental property. We offer a variety of property watch services including opening and closing your home, condo, or rental unit for the season or for periodic guests. These services can include cleaning, stocking fridge for your arrival, and anything that you need personalized for when you return home or while you are away. Let us watch over your condo or home so you can enjoy yourself and not worry.

Don’t let plumbing, repairs or pests take any time away from your precious vacation. Arrive in relaxation mode and stay there every minute of your respite. We will examine the exterior and interior to keep your residence in the same condition as you left it. We are very extensive and detailed in our examinations and will look for anything and everything that may need repair or maintenance.

Photos and checklists are emailed after each visit. Owners are immediately contacted in the event repair is found to be required. Basic services include forwarding mail, checking the overall condition of your residence, checking electrical, plumbing, and appliances, and everywhere in between. We make sure that everything is exactly how you left it. Our home watch inspection checklist report is completed during each home watch inspection.

We offer weekly and biweekly checks for your condo, home, or rental unit. Other services include construction and repair management, welcome home preparation, closing your home for your departure, alarm response, and much more.

When you hire us, your professional house manager keeps your appliances, upgrades, yard and so much more in check. We have many packages for basic services and can always create a custom service to fit your needs. Pricing is available upon request, trust us to keep your condo or home in fine operating condition. contact Capital Cleaning & Concierge to set up a consultation today!

Home / Condo Watch Service

We have many packages for basic services and can always create a custom service to fit your needs. Pricing is available upon request.

Weekly Home Check Services - We'll be happy to walk in and around for a thorough inspection of your home to make sure all is as it should be.

Property check list can be sent out upon request.

Cancellation Policy Home cleaning and all services

All work that has been booked has a cancellation policy. Capital Cleaning & Concierge requires a 48 hour cancellation notice. Clients will be responsible for the payment of 50% of the entire canceled block of time if cancellation does not occur more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment, unless of an emergency. This includes all services provided.

In addition to our policy if we show up to your scheduled service and you are not home you will be charged the full amount for service. We ask all clients to mark their calendars for dates of service.

Customers will be asked to send a letter confirming that they are aware of this policy and agree.